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First of all, I must add that I am not responsible for the advertisements on the top of my homepage! But I think the free homepage is worth those ads! Secondly I apologize to my visitors for the extra width of my some pages, that it is because of that I am not an advanced internet user. I am only a cartoonist, not a "computerist!" I am a "Javad" not a "JAVA"!
About myself I have to say: I am "Javad Alizadeh" a professional cartoonist and journalist from Iran, born in Azerbaijan province of Iran in 1953.
I publish an independent /private cartoon magazine called : "Tanz-o-Caricature"(Humour & caricature) in Tehran, since 1990.
Despite that in publishing the magazine I have obeyed my emotion and not my reason, and opposite to economical logic and formula, I enjoy a minimum advertisement income, but the magazine has remained steadfast until the present, and I don't know why! My works have been published in more than 100 leading presses of the world in the 80s and 90s with the signature of :
"j a v a d " through international C & W syndicate.
I believe in moderation - not radicalism and not opportunism - in criticism and that is why I still can work and draw, with relatively few problems!
But the funny point is that,I, with an extensive background  and training many young cartoonists of today,  instead of being appreciated and honoured here, on the contrary i sometimes face dishonour and disrespect and even some problems !.
Of course the obligatory fair appreciation is not my main demand, I only feel sorry that my creative/inventional "4- DIMENSIONAL HUMOUR" has remained unknown!
The main reason for my unique situation is my free, independent and proud character. I do not believe in advertisement and propaganda, I don't have good public relations,as well.
Politically I am neither left nor right! And this kind of political/ethical standpoint -- being in the middle!-- usually causes that kind of seclusion & isolation!
But I do not mind anymore and instead, I work more and more in my self-made solitude!
* JURY MEMBERSHIPS: I was cartoon contests' jury member in: Skopje 1996(Macedonia). Anglet 1991(France)Tehran cartoon biennials in 1993,95 and 97. DUBAI 2002 international cartoon forum(Emirates) . Izmir 2009(Turkey) plus  jury memberships in some 20 local cartoon contests and a jury of my magazine's yearly cartoon contest.
* INTERNATIONAL STAFF MEMBERSHIPS: Beside my membership in international C&W syndicate in 80s and 90s, i was for a while the editor of international Witty World cartoon magazine in 90s. I have also attended at cartoon conferences in: Japan(1993)- Turkey( 1995)- Malta( 1998)-Finland( 2004)
* SPECIALTY: In addition to my 4-D humour, my other major specialty is drawing the portraits of the people more similar than themselves ! (e.g., the caricature of Mr.Bean, that can be accessed by clicking on PORTRAIT page 6, from the menu on the left).
So you dear tolerant visitor to my site, after viewing my some 50 relativistic cartoons in five pages patiently!, you can have a look at the portrait page, for more... or less fun! ( it depends upon the observer's point of view!!)

i have won some 30 international prizes and 2 national ones. The most important prizes:
*1st caricature prize of Anglet(France) cartoon contest in 1990.
*Silver date prize of Bordighera(Italy)cartoon contest in 1996.
*First prize of Ankara(Turkey)cartoon competition with the theme of "child" in 2007.

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