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* I translate the world by cartoon, till the stars are blinking ! ( Below )

I am a graduate of English translation , but I have devoted myself to the art of cartooning since 1970, at the age of 18. (I was born in 1953).

Now after 40 year  constant drawing, I have found out that the "cartoon" itself is a kind of translation tool, that translates the world's mysteries, life's hardships and human fears into the language of "Humour!".

Meanwhile during these years, I've found out that, I -- after years of working -- have become neither a good cartoonist nor a good translator! But anyway, don't miss my 4-D cartoons! Especially the cartoon below!

*THE STARS ARE BLINKING: This illustration is full of imagination, wonder and mystery, a mixture of science and fantasy, that could make us to think and be surprized more than before, when we look at the sky habitually.
Maybe from now on, we all could be able to see that formula blinking in the sky, by the effect and help of such an illustration! The formula of the universe's creation...This could be a visual TRANSLATION of the world's mysteries, in the service of world recognition...Yes I translate the world by cartoon, till the stars are blinking!...
What is 4-D humour? Discover it !
Since my childhood I have been interested in "Relativity theory" and the astonishing, mysticall and artistic aspects of that theory, also the free imagination of "Albert Einstein" and his humorous and witty character plus his simple but surrealistic expreriments for the confirmation of his theory.
They have always attracted me. This amazing theory could change our one-dimensional and absolute look into the world and humanity, and caus us to think about the meaning of life.
So during the Iraq-Iran war years(1980-1988), under the bombs and missile attacks, I survived by the joy of: searching of the "COSMIC" secrets and "COMIC" solutions, by workimg hard on a hard subject! I did this with the hope of invention, discovery, peace and calmness.
Thus I gradually created a kind of scientific four- dimensional pictorial & written humour to promote peace, humour and tolerance in my society, scientifically & humorously!
After the war, in 1990 I published a small book with my own small capital, called: "4-D humour & kidding with Einstein". It was a risk, because the book was very unusual! and as I expected, few copies sold, and my capital did not return!
But I did not regret the venture, because instead of failing, firstly I added a new dimension to the existing dimensions of today's humour that the tomorrow's generation ( not today's generation!) will appreciate it finally!, secondly, I succeeded in promoting and developing: relative judgement, multi-dimensional insight, modreation and tolerance in my society via my simple relative humours. Besides, I gradually found some four-dimensional fans among my adherents & readers!
Today I see the effects and the results of my cultural mission in my society and my magazine. Today I have trained many four-dimensional young cartoonists & humourists who collaborate with my magazine and since years ago, contribute to my magazine's very unique & strange but prermanent column, entitled: "4-D Humour." This kind of artistic & journalistic effort seems to be impossible and unbelievable in this part of the world, but it has been accomplished.
So you dear visitor, you can be a 4-D humour specialist, provided that you view my 4-D humours.
Yes, you can change your viewpoint if you just click on " 4-D cartoon" pages on the left-hand column menu.
* Do not miss the SPACE cartoon, under the blank SPACE below !!
Your possible laugh at my 4-d humour will be a cosmic laughter! not the usual laughing.

Even if my humours don't make you laugh, they will at least make you think and wonder! and wonder is the first step towards philosophy & towards recognition this strange world that i & you live in it!

Sometimes "amazing", is more delightful than a "laughing"!!

* I welcome your emails and orders about my Cosmic Comics ! at:


* See my other 4-D cartoons ( some of them, animated ), free of charge !, in the next pages....... "RELATIVE HUMOUR ... ABSOLUTE LAUGHTER !"....

...And finally My personal Web site:  


The Formula of the Universe !
However I claim that I have created some four- dimensional humours, but I do not claim I am the only one who has. Everybody can let his/her imagination go free and can reach new borders and new dimensions..
Meanwhile since july 2001, you are visitor number :